Information Technology (IT) policies articulate your Business vision, strategy, and principles as they relate to the use of information and information technology resources. They are designed to guide organizational and individual behaviour and decision-making.

The IT guidance comes in these elements:

  • Technology Use – Procedures for the use of computers, telephones, internet, email, and other aspects of technology, including policies for misuse.
  • IT Organization – Procedures to determine how technology needs and problems will be addressed, who in the organization is responsible for employee technical support, and how technology can be used to add value to current business practices.
  • Network Configuration – Procedures and information regarding how the network is set up, including topologies and network infrastructure, as well as network permissions, and maintenance and monitoring of the network.
  • IT Security – Procedures for passwords, levels of access to the network, virus protection, confidentiality, and the usage of data.
  • Disaster Recovery – Procedures for the data backup, both on and off site, as well as retrieval of important data in the event of a disaster.
  • Technology Standards – Procedures to determine the best software, hardware, and other systems to be used by the organization to meet their needs and goals.
  • IT Inventory – Procedures to monitor hardware and software inventories, including licenses and copyright compliance, and guidelines for ensuring inventory levels are kept at a workable level.
In addition to development and implementation of IT policies, Eunoia Tech Consulting can also review (audit) your current policies to see if they are meeting your needs and expectations, and offer professional assistance in reformulating your business’ policies as needed.